Short Cuts Assignment

Open Microsoft Word: Copy this section into a document using shortcuts:
  • write your name in the header – this way it will be on every page you print,
  • use align right so your name is in the upper right hand corner
  • Use control – C – to copy Click and drag to highlight this section, then hold down the control button while you push the c button
  • Use control – V – to paste
  • Use control – A – to highlight everything on the page
  • Use control – X – to cut
  • Use control - V - to paste everything back
  • use control – S – to save, save it on your server as: Per First Last Word Shortcuts (ask someone where your server is, if you don't know)
  • Use control – P- print your document
    • do a save immediately after opening any document and then save at least every 5 minutes