Welcome to the computer room!

Today, please take this chance to learn some science and computer skills. That's today's objective.

Please remember to:
  • remain calm, maintain a good study atmosphere
  • use this time for science only – you will be getting two classwork grades today –
  1. one for being on task all period/ following computer room rules and
  2. one for the quality of today's assignment,
  • you may not go to any other sites or play any games even if you say you're done
  • if you print and it doesn't print- check with teacher before trying again (otherwise you may end up with many copies of the same thing)

All classes
  1. Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) http:/exploratorium.com
  2. Log on to http://www.engrade.com to see your current grade
  3. http://accuweather.com http://www.weather.govcheck out the weather report, type our zip code in the box

Short Cuts Assignment

Marine Science

Physical Science