Aloha to Science – Letter to Students and Parents

Welcome to my class! You may not realize it, but being a teacher requires many skills besides writing lessons and teaching. Teaching requires being a counselor, policeman, judge, psychiatrist, accountant, coach and many other roles. Think about the roles that you have to perform for the class to run smoothly.

Our attitudes and behaviors will determine how much learning will take place and how enjoyable it will be. My discipline plan is not necessary when my students have good attitudes. My class rules can be summarized in one sentence, which is this:

Behave so the teacher can teach and the students can learn safely without distraction.

This means put away electronics (headphones, earphones, cellphones, etc.), hats, food and drinks before entering the room.
Respect others and their belongings. Keep your belongings organized. Monitor your voice level.
Be a good listener. Try your best.

If distracting or unsafe behaviors arise, I hope that mentioning the problem will be all that is necessary.
If the behavior continues, I will write down the student's name and the problem behavior on a contract, which will be reviewed for the next three classes. If the problem does not recur, the contract ends.
If the behavior happens again, I will call the parent to discuss how we can cooperate to solve the problem.

Bringing your materials and being in your seat on time are required to stay in class. Required materials include three black or blue pens and your science notebook. Pencils are allowed but you must bring your own pencil sharpener. Students who consider materials unimportant usually have no intention to learn.

Attitude is controlled by how you talk to yourself. Negative things you say are like straws on a camel’s back:
  • each negative thought (shame or blame) is like a straw
  • negative thoughts can accumulate until one comment you don't like from someone else adds the one straw needed to break the camel’s back. So, when you talk to yourself and others,
Try A Little Kindness
Respectful talk to yourself helps you realize negative comments from others reflect their problems, not yours.

There is homework every night – if there is not a project assigned, find a way that you can show you understand the day's lesson- write a summary of the information as a paragraph, poem, song, story, haiku, poster, model, etc., and share it with your parent or guardian.

To get full credit on your assignments, write your complete name and period in the upper right-hand corner, write neatly and complete the assignment.
4 understanding exceeds standard 3 passing 2 approaching, not passing 1 beginning

Your overall grade: Tests (40%) Classwork (30%) Class Participation (20%) Homework (10%)
A all classwork, tests and homework turned in with grades of 3 or 4, excellent class participation = 90%
B all classwork and tests turned in, most homework turned in, grades of 3 or 4, excellent class participation = 80%
C all classwork and tests turned in, not many homeworks turned in, most grades are 3, good class participation = 70%
D mostly 3's on all classwork and tests, very few homeworks done, good class participation = 60%

As you can see, homework is not needed to get a C, but it is necessary for an A. All work turned in contributes to a higher grade. Check your grades at

If you miss a class, ask another student what you missed and ask me for the missing assignment. Missed tests must be made up during recess or lunch. A request for your present grade must be presented in writing during class and you will receive the grade in the next class.

I'm looking forward to having a great year of science with you!

Special Aloha to Parents
Aloha! I am pleased to be teaching science to your child this year. I have taught in Los Angeles and Hawaii for a total of 20 years, and I am dedicated to making this class as interesting and meaningful as possible by utilizing imaginative lecture notes, demonstrations, activities, songs and memory tricks. Please read my letter to the students before continuing.

Please ask to see your child's science notebook each evening. Ask for an explanation of what was done and what was learned in class Also, please make sure you help your child
  • develop good routines, including having all homework and school materials packed before going to sleep, and
  • has extra supplies of pens and paper on hand.

I am trying out some websites to improve communication with you:
Homework assignments-
Here's a list of suggested websites for each subject

Donations needed for the start of the year – Masking tape, plastic spoons, dish soap, ziplock bags

Note on materials- Class materials are meant only for class activities and must be used sensibly. Please be aware that I make it a policy to call parents of students who abuse or waste materials and will ask for replacements.

Please cut and return

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Is there a topic you would like to talk to my classes about or assist me in? This includes gardening, fishing, nature study, diving, island horticulture, island history, astronomy, and farming. Also, please let me know if you have an hour a week or month to assist me in some way.

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