Acting Class for Teachers

Mastery of information does not an effective teacher make. Effective teachers bring a sense of drama and importance to their topic, and acting skills can help break down the wall between the student, the teacher and their objectives.

An Acting for Teachers course would help teachers attain their goal of being truly effective.

Acting for Teachers would include:
  • Story telling skills
  • Voice control
  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Using space in the classroom (all the classroom is a stage)
  • Facial expression
  • Methods to connect with students and improve discipline, body language that puts people at ease
  • Acting techniques used by great leaders – JFK, MLK, FDR
  • Teaching students to become involved with the subject matter through reenactments and dance

Courses could be offered through the DOE for credential renewal credits and universities in Teacher Credential courses. Courses could also be included in elementary and secondary schools as part of career exploration and graduation readiness.

Grants could also be written to fund free or low-cost classes.

From there, further classes could be designed for sales, business, community leadership, activists, and working in teams.

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