Assignment 7 The Last Chemistry Webquest

Get started by saving this document to your server, then open it.

Use google to answer 8 questions and include illustrations for each. Print and turn in your work at the end of the period.

Assignment 6 Webquest Fire Safety
You (and perhaps your partner) have been hired by the local fire department as a consultant to help them with this summer's fire season. As an expert on chemical reactions your job will be to prepare a powerpoint presentation that will be used by the fire department to educate the public about fire safety.


Students will research information about chemical reactions and fire safety. Students will present a "Guide to Fire Safety in the Home" to be used by the fire department.


Students will work in pairs and do some research using different websources to find information about chemical reactions. After the necessary information is gathered, students will put their findings together in a powerpoint presentation and prepare to present it to the class.

Get your links here Task 1: Chemical Reactions
Task 2: Endothermic vs. Exothermic
Task 3: Fire Safety
Task 4: Powerpoint Presentation


Be prepared to present your powerpoint presentation to the class. Your grade will be based on completion of ALL 4 tasks. It is important that you name your files properly and drop them in the appropriate drop-box folders. Make sure you are writing complete sentences for all 4 tasks.

Assignment 5 Webquest - The Chemistry of Fireworks

Download and save this
document in your server
Then go to this website

Use and google
and to find webpages that are "not found"

Print your answers and turn them in at the end of the period. If you finish early, do assignment 4 for homework credit.


correct answers points
9 4
7 3
5 2

Assignment 4 Build a Carbon Atom

TO GET STARTED - click, save in your server then open this –
Read the following links and fill in the blanks, print it out then build your carbon atom.

Build a carbon atom out of quarks and electrons, but watch out for radioactive decay

Assignment 3 We will be assembling a giant periodic table

Objective - Compare and contrast the elements,
Explain how the periodic table is organized

DUE AT END OF PERIOD - complete and print information on one or more elements, include at least one picture.

Do more than one to make up for missing work! use google

TO GET STARTED - click, save in your server then open this –
Each element 1 page MAXIMUM

2 February 2008
Read and check out more on the web
**Quiz complete and print out**
Electricity ****
**Do the interactive tutor for electricity**

Assignment 1
Objective: Use Google Images to create a document that shows the difference between sound waves and light waves.
Show the difference between reflection and refraction.

DUE AT END OF TWO PERIODS - Two pages (maximum) with pictures, definitions, and explanations.

TO GET STARTED - save in your server and open this –
An excellent website to use is

For homework EC – and go through the activities on the Explore and Educate tabs.
Create a word document with names and summaries of 4 activities you did and what you learned.