Aloha! We're now in the second quarter, nearing the end of the first semester. Come to class ready to make the most of our time!

Remember: Our goal is to pass tests - everything we do is geared toward this, and to succeed we need to practice the skills you learn in class until they become automatic! Imitate and master the techniques you learn in class before making up your own!

Make sure you:
  • bring your tablet, 2 pens and 2 pencils and sharpener and write your homework in your planner everyday,
  • show your planner, classwork and homework to your parents each evening,
  • study what you learned for the next classes' quiz (25% of your grade), and
  • turn in your portfolio with all your activities, homework, quizzes and multiplication tables when each unit is completed (25% of your grade).
  • have your Assessment Test (50% of your grade) grade forms and Weekly Homework bookmark signed and turned in

BIG NEWS! I obtained free subscriptions to for for all of my math students. Log in as mrbanta and enter your password and go as far as you can. ALSO get FREE TUTORING ONLINE at manoa.hawaii.ed/ola 10am to 10pm

For your current grade, go to If you need your id and password again, let me know.

Check out these links!
Teachertube - type in any topic you need to know more about and see what videos they have!
Vedic Math - how math was done way back in the day- without calculators! Free 10 day course
Lazymaths- videos showing lots of shortcuts

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