Assignment 5 Whale Migration Poster and Video


Objectives: You will be able to explain:
Whales live in all the oceans of the world and migrate in search of food and appropriate breeding grounds throughout the year
Marine scientists are interested in tracking the movements of whales so that they can study the effects of environmental changes on whale behavior.
Think about the reasons for bird migration. What animals, besides birds, migrate? Whales migrate, as do birds, to find food and satisfactory breeding grounds.
Marine scientists have been tracking the migratory patterns of whales in order to study how whales are affected by changes in the environment. For example, scientists have found that toxic pollutants in the water suppress whales’ immune systems, causing many to grow sick and die.
Different whales include the gray whale, humpback whale, blue whale, right whale, and bottlenose dolphin.
You are going to research the migration behaviors of different whales – include answers to these questions in your script. Organize your information into a script with an introduction, three main topics supported by illustrations and a conclusion. Compile the pictures and information as a poster. (2 days)
Make a video using the illustrations, narrated using the script. (2 days)
1. Discuss how whales are uniquely adapted to their marine environment.
2. Why do you think that humans are so intrigued by whale songs? Some scientists feel that these songs indicate that whales have a high level of intelligence. Do you agree or disagree? Support your answer with examples.
3. Until the late 1960s, members of the whaling industry actively harvested whales for a living. If whaling were how you and your family made your living for generations, how would you defend and explain your actions to an organization such as Greenpeace?
4. Watching whales has replaced hunting them as a lucrative industry. Brainstorm a list of other alternative income sources that could replace the jobs lost by the moratorium on whaling.
5. Some scientists have compared the current state of our oceans to the domestication of the prairies. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
6. One idea that has been promoted has been the development of a marine park for whales similar to the national parks and nature preserves that appear on land throughout the world. In your opinion, how feasible is this idea? What difficulties would it entail?

Poster / Video Rubric

Four points: all questions answered correctly,
introduction picture and overview,
three topics, each topic has illustration and explanation example: topic 1 Migration path 2 Winter location 3 Summer location
summary picture and paragraph
original, creative; migration route traced accurately, exceeds expectations

Three points: all questions answered correctly; migration route traced accurately, satisfactory
Two points: most questions answered correctly; migration route traced accurately
One point: two or three questions answered incorrectly; migration route traced inaccurately

use Google!

Assignment 4 Report: Field Trip to the Hilo Tidepools, aka Intertidal Zones
If we are going to go to the tidepools in Hilo, we should do some background research into what we will see while we are there.
Assignment: Create a 5 minute powerpoint presentation giving an overview of the tidepools, something you could use for visitors going to a tidepool for the first time.

What is special about tidepools – the rock and tides aspects
What organisms live in the intertidal zone?
Where do the organisms live in the intertidal zone?
How do they adapt to the tidal changes?

extra credit:
Make a food chain. Be sure to include predators and prey.
How does the plants or animals breathe (photosynthesis or respiration)?
How do the animals move?
What phylums are they in?

Use these links

Virtural Tide Pool
This site will allow you to interact with one of the world's most fascinating places.
Enchanted Learning Search Click your biome, the Intertidal Zone, to find information that explains how life is so different. There are animal and plant pictures. Just click one to get detailed information.
Enchanted Learning Search
So where in the intertidal zone do the organisms live? This page may help.
Ocean Links
Marine scientists have developed this site. Many plants and animals are featured on this web page. There is a special section, Ask a Scientist, where you can check if your questions have been asked. The pictures of the animals are excellent.
The Tide Pool Page
This is a great web site to help with finding out where the organisms live. There are many links to answer more of your questions. Click on a section of the tide pool, then plants and animals of that habitat will be listed. There is also an index on the left side of the page to help you.
Scientific Report Rubric and The Collaborative Project Rubric. The sections of the Scientific Report Rubric that we will not be using are procedure and data resutls.

Marine Science
Assignment 3 Have you seen me? Objective: Describe different kinds of plankton and their roles in the food web.
Make a poster for one species of each of the following groups of plankton:

  • phytoplankton
  • zooplankton
  • bacterioplankton
that have gone missing.
Each student/ team must have different species. Notify the teacher when you select your species.

Plankton are primarily divided into broad functional (or trophic level) groups:

Include a picture (use google images) and information explaining
  • scientific name (genus species)
  • class\ order \ family
  • where last seen, where it may have gone
  • identifying features (anatomy)
  • characteristics (behaviors)
  • nutrition habits (diet)
  • size
  • Please contact (those who depend on it or will miss it)

TO GET STARTED click, save in your server and open this document Type your name and period in the header and fill in as much information and humor as possible.

Assignment 2 Two days
Hawaiian Fish
Make a Powerpoint document like assignment 1 for the fish assigned to you.
If you are at school, save it in both the Banta Drop folder and your server. Save it as: 2 First Last Hawaiian Coral Reef Fish

Assignment 1 Two days
Make a Powerpoint presentation file of sea animals and plants you like.
Here's an example
If you are at school, save it in both the Banta Drop folder and your server. Save it as: 2 First Last Ocean Life

Choose one example of each of the following:
sea mammal, fish, ocean plant, sea algae, sea crustacean, phytoplankton, zooplankton
for each – make three pages/ screens –
  • pg 1 category
  • pg 2 picture
  • pg 3 name of organism, brief description, and what you like about it

For full credit: credit your source by including the webpage address beneath the pictures and information you use
Save your file to your server and my drop box.